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The Time to Buy Patio Furniture is NOW

Patio FurnitureIt’s hard to start thinking about summer furniture when battling freezing temperatures. But this is the perfect time to start planning that patio space. It won’t be long before friends and family are over to enjoy barbecues, relaxing visits to your outdoor living space, and a quiet spot to relax.


  • Appearance – of course, you want great looking furniture to make your outdoor space attractive. The better it looks, the more people will want to be there. Fabric pattern, style, and how it will integrate with the rest of your outdoor decor.Patio Furniture: Cayman Side Chair - outdoor furniture & patio furniture for sale To make outdoor spaces more exciting, Cheng suggests mixing and matching textures – for example, rope and ceramic stone. 1 Off-kilter shapes add a sense of spontaneity.  2
  • Size – Does it make your patio look small and crowded? Does it enhance the spaciousness? Is it easy to maneuver around?
  • Materials – Do you need something that can withstand outdoor exposure all year long? Will you cover it or move it in inside? The materials it is made of will also impact the price. Cast iron is more expensive than aluminum but more durable and more cumbersome. Wood (teak) is much more expensive and harder to maintain. Peggy Bels of Peggy Bels Interior Design says, “Furniture used for rooftops and balconies needs to be durable. I favour Sunbrella fabrics because they don’t fade in the sun. This is especially important for darker colours.” 3 Easy to wash and designed to be mildew- and UV-resistant, Sunbrella materials come in a wide palette and can be used for cushions, furniture, and umbrellas.


With a little forethought, you can plan out the perfect patio living space. The off-season is a great time to be buying as prices will unlikely be cheaper.

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