Fire Retardant Welding/Grinding Spark Guard

Fire Retardant Welding Spark Guard

The Fire Retardant Welding Spark Guard is an item that was designed to protect & shield workers, employees and people from sparks while working on welding projects or railroads, etc. We use Tri-Flame Fire Retardant fabric and it meets the CPAI-84 & NFPA-701 & other requirements. We have a video showing how to use it and replace it.

Estimated Price: $445 & does not include shipping or tax (NC only). Was $500. Save $55. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: This product IS for sale, but cannot be purchased online. For more exact pricing and details, call . Also, this product can only be shipped via Custom Freight. Please call to finalize purchase & having shipping calculated.


SPARKGUARD-USA Fire Retardant Welding/Grinding Spark Guard Specifations:

* Rod Iron Metal Frame
* Velcro Straps
* Metal Snap Buttons
*Tri-Flame Fire Retardant Orange Fabric Included With Purchase

  • Poly/Cotton 2 ply x 2 ply Army Duck
  • 13 oz. square yard finished weight
  • Water & Mildew resistant,
  • Flame retardant to CPAI-84 & NFPA-701 requirements