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Is Renting Outdoor Furniture Practical?

Renting outdoor furniture can be expensiveYou’re thinking about renting some outdoor furniture instead of buying. You may want to re-think that. Renting outdoor furniture instead of buying can be pricey.  Renting furniture is about convenience, and that comes at a price.  Buying quality outdoor furniture is an investment that can last for years of enjoyment at a fraction of the cost.

Is Renting Outdoor Furniture Even An Option?

Some rental businesses offer outdoor furniture, but a lot of it is geared toward event planners. They usually rent large tables and chairs that someone may use for outdoor weddings and parties, although it is possible that some of it may be used for patios and decks.

Compare Costs for Renting Outdoor Furniture

Cort, a national rental chain, does have some options for renting garden furniture, but you are going to want to comparison shop these prices. A 3-month lease on a single padded armchair costs $202.50.

If you want a dining table and four chairs at Cort, that costs $147 per month, bringing the three-month total to $441. And, if you wanted them for a shorter period, such as just a month (the shortest term available), that same table and four chairs would still cost you the same $441. For that price, you might be able to BUY a table and barstools. And use it for a lifetime.

Before You Go Renting Outdoor Furniture

Compare prices between a reputable vendor and your rental agreement. You may pay a bit more buying, but it lasts a much longer time than the rental term. Do the math.