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Storing Your Beach Umbrella or Patio Umbrella

Storing Your Beach Umbrella or Patio UmbrelllaAll good things must come to an end and summer is one of the them. And even though your patio umbrella may be useful throughout most of the year, the time will come for storing your beach umbrella or Patio Umbrellla.

Purge or Keep that Beach Umbrella & Summer Gear?

This may be a good opportunity to look at ALL your summer time equipment and decide if it is time to purge the worn out or unused gear. If it’s not too badly worn, you can donate it to a 501-C charity (such as Goodwill) and get a tax deduction for it. It’s important to note that whenever you donate non-cash items to a recognized charity that you must have a photograph of it for verification.

Storing Your Beach Umbrella or Patio Umbrellla

When Storing Your Beach Umbrella or Patio Umbrellla, use mesh bags or ventilated containers as opposed to watertight containers which may cause the moisture within your beach umbrella or patio umbrella to mildew and stink. Airtight containers, such as plastic tubs or bags can collect condensation over the winter months from changes in temperature. Condensation will magnify and result in a stinky, mildew-damaged beach umbrella.

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