New Trends in Indoor-Outdoor Living

One of the newest trends in a balanced lifestyle is indoor-outdoor living. In other words, combining your indoor life with the great outdoors. At MyUmbrellaShop, we embrace this lifestyle trend with great cushions, and umbrellas.


Open your sleeping area to the great outdoors with a sliding wall. It’s the best of camping and being at home. Floor-to-ceiling windows help create that illusion as well. If you can’t open your bedroom to the great outdoors, enclose a porch or patio, integrating the outdoors as part of your living space.

Living/Great Rooms

Create a living room outside. With indoor-outdoor furniture, it is possible to create an environment where you will want to spend all your time. This furniture is weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it when it rains. Incorporate a sheltered TV or even a fireplace to make it more like a living room.

Bringing the Outdoors in

Another fun design concept is bringing outdoor lifestyle elements into your indoor living space. Blur the line between inside and outside. For example, (properly installed) fire-pits and umbrellas add fun and uniqueness to your indoor living space. Using outdoor fabrics on furniture increases its lifespan as well as brightens a room. Adding plants and natural light help increase the sense of outdoor living inside.

Moving to the Great Outdoors

It takes more than just throwing a couch out in the backyard to create an outdoor living area. But it doesn’t have to break the bank either. You must consider the materials used when creating your new living space. MyUmbrellaShop uses materials that are resistant to rain, humidity, direct sunlight, and heat.

While wood is sturdy, it requires a certain amount of regular maintenance and care. Weather-resistant woods such as cedar, cypress, teak or redwood are preferable for resisting wear.

Rattan and wicker need regular weatherproofing. But they are comfortable. There are synthetic options to help assist resin coating to last.

Steel and wrought iron furniture provide the sturdiest choices and work well outdoors. Be sure to occasionally paint and treat these pieces with a weatherproof finish to avoid rust.

Accessories need to be durable enough to maintain their beauty and quality. We have a wide variety of colors, styles, and fabrics to choose from. All of our fabrics are mildew and stain resistant.

Indoor-outdoor living is not just a passing trend. This is a change in people’s thinking about maximizing your living space as well as embracing nature and adding some fun to life.

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