My Umbrella Shop Does International Shipping

Easy International Umbrella Orders Online

International Umbrella Shipping 7 1/2 ft. Aluminum Patio Style Crank Standard UmbrellaMy Umbrella Shop announces that they are now offering international shipping through a partnership with Fed-Ex and Zonos.

We have been selling beach umbrellas and patio umbrellas and market umbrellas for years through our online store, but primarily to U.S. based customers. My Umbrella Shop now has the capabilities to easily ship internationally directly from our website. Shipping is calculated on the fly and umbrellas can be ordered with the click of a button.

For customers wanting a more personal touch, they can also call 919-975-7414 to speak to My Umbrella Shop sales representative and have their order placed manually.

My Umbrella Shop does International Shipping to make it easier for customers like you!

With the click of a button order anywhere Zonos allows you too! Note: Certain countries we cannot ship too.

This is a great asset for businesses like hotels, restaurants, coffee shops. We aim to please!

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