It’s not over yet…

Keep that Umbrella Out! Summer is Not Over!Keep that Umbrella Out! Summer is Not Over!

When Labor Day approaches, many think about putting away their beach umbrellas for the winter. STOP! A quick look on Google will tell you that (in Myrtle Beach, SC for example), September is the 4th hottest month of the year (barely missing the 3rd hottest temperatures) with an average high temperature of 83 degrees. That’s excellent beach temperatures and time to use that beach umbrella to keep cool.

Keep that Umbrella Out! Summer is Not Over!Patio Umbrellas Can Help You Stay Out Even Longer On Hot Days

While beach umbrellas keep you cool at the beach, a patio umbrella can not only shade you from the sun, but also provide a nice extended patio area for entertaining, relaxing, or enjoy your family.  You can enjoy the benefits of a patio umbrella long into the fall months.

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